Quick Questions about Remote Biomechanics
Q: Do I need a special camera?
A: No, the higher quality the camera the better, but a decent mobile phone will do. You do, however, need to make sure that the camera stays still, otherwise the tracking won't work. Use a tripod, or fix the camera to a pole or even the fence! Some people might have fancy gimbal stabilisers, in which case use that! 
Q: I'm not an expert in human physiology and might not place the markers correctly. Does that matter?
A: It's not a big problem. Ideally, this sort of analysis would be done in a 3D motion capture studio in conjunction with physios or experts in sports medicine, who will take great care to place IR reflective markers in exactly the right spot. In practice, however, this sort of analysis, which will have a bit of error in it, is more than enough to give you useful, relevant feedback on your riding.
Q: What will it tell me?
A: Depending on whether you've gone for the Dressage or the Jumping option, you'll get a report that will highlight key metrics like how much you're tipping forwards, how much your lower leg is moving or whether your hands are following your rise. You can see example reports here for Dressage and Jumping. We'll include a set of exercises based on the results to help you improve your performance.
Q: How do I upload the videos?
A: Our preferred choice is a platform called WeTransfer. It is free and really easy to use. It's just an easier, more reliable way of sending us the videos. If you do have any technical trouble, we'll be on hand to help you out. You'll need to quote your order number (which can be found in the confirmation email once you've checked out on the online shop).
Q: How many videos do I upload?
A: That depends on the number of assessments you've opted for. The basic package is 4, with the option to add more. However, we *strongly* recommend that you video more than this, just in case you've lost a marker or accidentally covered a marker (though if you're wearing tight fitting clothing as recommended, this shouldn't happen!). We'll ask you to send in a couple of "takes" of the same movement/pace/jump and we will choose the best one for analysis. It wouldn't do any harm to do 3 or 4 takes of the same thing, just in case though!
Q: How long do I have to wait until I get my results?
A: Ideally, you'll get the report within 24 hours, if not sooner. However, if we're snowed under with videos, that time might be a little longer (but we hope not!)