In the spirit of social distancing, we at BLACKDOG are delighted to offer online biomechanics assessments. They work a little differently from our regular sessions, but they'll still give you really useful feedback on your position that can make a massive difference to your riding. In a new move, we're also offering assessments for jumping as well as for boring old Dressage!
Rather than our usual 3D system (where we film the rider wearing one of our VMTarget jackets and track their upper body in 3D), this is a 2D analysis using markers placed at key joints. You'll get tracked videos, liked the ones above, plus a detailed report highlighting key positional metrics along with a set of exercises to help improve your position. 
Below is a quick guide of the whole process, more information will be emailed to once you've made your purchase. If you want to go ahead and give this a try, head to our online assessment shop and choose your assessment type. 
What do I have to do?
  • wear dark, close fitting clothes. Black or navy jods and a tight dark top. Avoid white or cream jods and baggy hoodies or jumpers. 
  • set up your camera. It needs to stay perfectly still otherwise the tracking won't work. You can use any camera, including one on your mobile phone. If you have the slow motion setting, that's brilliant, but don't worry if not, normal video will work too. You want to be fairly close to the horse, so the markers are obvious, but far enough away to get 3 or 4 strides of trot/canter in the frame. For the jumping assessment, put the jump in centre of the shot, and be far enough away to get one or two strides before and after the fence.
  • upload your videos to WeTransfer (any technical issues, we'll work with you)
  • receive your tracked videos and your detailed report, which will contain a detailed assessment along with suggested exercises to help improve your riding. We are aiming to get these to you within 24 hours of uploading your videos, but during busy periods, the turnaround time may be longer.
What do I get?
  • tracked videos like the ones above, with a stick figure super-imposed on the original video.
  • detailed report highlighting key metrics relevant to Dressage and to Jumping
  • tailored exercises designed to help you make improvements to your riding
How much does it cost?
We're doing a lockdown offer:
  • a Dressage assessment costs £15 for 4 video assessments (we suggest trot and canter on both reins), with additional video assessments at £2.50 each
  • a Jumping assessment costs £20 for 4 video assessments, with additional video assessments at £3 each