In founding BLACKDOG, Dr Ilse Daly has combined her experience of computer vision, machine learning and mathematical analysis with her years of equestrian experience to create a unique system that will help  riders of all levels to improve their performance.

She gained her PhD in 2017 from the University of Bristol with a research project investigating animal vision. In particular, she was investigating the role that eye movements play in vision. It's during this project that she learned the advanced computer vision techniques that allow you to track objects from a video. Training her own horses, it occurred to her that you could use that same technology to track the upper body of a rider on a horse, and that was the very early beginning of BLACKDOG. 
Dr Daly has ridden competitively in Dressage, showing and showjumping, fitting horses and competing around her education and research. She's found time to work a summer season for both the international Grand Prix riders Judy Harvey and Anna Ross. With her own horses, she has trained to Inter I and competed to Advanced Medium as well as competing at HOYS, Royal International and numerous county shows.


She currently has a young Dressage horse, Lizzie who is just starting her Dressage career. You can find them out and about in the South West.