21 November 2020
The Grange Equestrian, Northlew Rd, Okehampton EX20 3DA
You will have the choice of using the small indoor or small outdoor, but there will be a difference in the price of school hire.

We will be following all government regulations on social distancing.

  • Please maintain a 2m distance from others at all times. 

  • I will wear a mask during the discussion portion of the session and encourage all riders to do the same!

  • We are leaving 15 minutes between sessions, please arrive on time!

  • It goes without saying that there will be no physical contact!

  • You will be given a waistcoat to put on over your clothes. This will not be shared with anyone. It will have been washed and treated with disinfectant before the session.

  • All reports and videos will be sent to you via email; we won't be transferring to memory sticks. You will still be able to see the reports and videos on the day.

If you or any of your household have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 or if you're showing symptoms, however mild please let me know, even if it is 5 minutes before your session! You'll be given a full refund or, if you prefer, the opportunity to rebook at a later date.

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